Jeans for Genes Day - Friday 22nd September 2017

Wear jeans, change lives Friday 22 September 2017


We each have 25,000 genes. Just one fault on one gene can cause a genetic disorder

1 in 25

children is born with a genetic disorder


The money raised on Jeans for Genes Day, helps the 500,000 children living with a genetic disorder in the UK

Who we help


Individually, genetic disorders are rare but together they affect 1 in 25 children born in the UK - that's more than 30,000 babies each year.

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What we do


The money raised on Jeans for Genes Day funds a range of initiatives that improve the quality of life of children affected by genetic disorders.

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Pay in the money you raised on Jeans for Genes Day at a bank, online, over the phone or by post.

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Educational resources


Bring genetic disorders to life with our films and classroom resources suitable for primary and secondary schools


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