10 reasons to join in - Jeans for Genes

10 reasons to join in

Make your Jeans for Genes Day a huge success.  Our ‘ten reasons’ will get everyone behind you.

  1. It’s fun and simple to organise. All you need to do is ask everyone to wear their jeans and make a donation
  2. Charity and community work looks good for your Ofsted report
  3. 1 in 25 children in the UK has a genetic disorder
  4. It’s great publicity for your school in your local paper
  5. £2,000 will pay for a specialist nurse to support families affected by genetic disorders
  6. The kids will think it’s great, but it won’t disrupt the school day
  7. Our interactive educational materials are curriculum-relevant and will educate and engage children in science lessons, PSHE and assembly
  8. Jeans for Genes Day encourages understanding and acceptance of the differences between us and the jeans the children wear are a reminder of the genes they’re raising money for
  9. It creates motivational, friendly fundraising competition between classes, year groups or even local schools
  10. Jeans for Genes Day supports very small charities get their voices heard, and helps them to provide vital services for families living with rare conditions.