Help us Celebrate 25 Years - Jeans for Genes Day 2020

25 years of fundraising

Over the last 25 years, a sea of denim has crept across the UK as thousands of you have taken up the Jeans for Genes Day banner. Across England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales and even as far afield as the Middle East, you have donned your denims, customised and decorated them, organised fashion shows, made blueberry muffins and jean-clad gingerbread men, held three-legged races, downed blue cocktails, shaved heads and waxed hairy legs (all you hard men out there!) and devised just about every possible fundraising event under the sun to raise money!

We are grateful to each and every one of you for your help and support over the last 25 years, but some companies and schools deserve a special mention for their outstanding efforts.

Our top three biggest ever company donors are:

  1. Bourne Leisure Group who have donated over £122,700
  2. BT Community Partnership who have donated over £89,700
  3. NatWest Bank who have donated over £33,938


Our top three secondary school donors are:

  1. Calday Grange Grammar School in the Wirral who have donated over £32,872
  2. Fields Grammar School in Lisburn, Co Antrim who have donated over £24,594
  3. Royal Grammer School, High Wycombe have dated £23,148


Our top three primary school donors are:

  1. Leeds Grammar School who donated over £21,890
  2. Wetherby School London, who donated over £19,559
  3. Dartford Girls School, who donated over £10,163


Our top three nursery donors are:

  1. Minors Nursery in London who donated over £6,151
  2. Cherry Vale Nursery in Aldershot, Surrey who donated over £3,688
  3. Springlands Nursery school Hounslow who donated over £3,289


Longest standing donors:

What is very typical of a Jeans for Genes Day supporter is your loyalty – once you have started to participate, you often help us again and again. Thanks to our top three longest standing donors who joined us for the very first Jeans for Genes Day and have been supporting us ever since:

  • Foxley Kingham Limited, Luton
  • Essendene Lodge School, Caterham
  • Rawlinson Hunter Chartered Accountants, London