£25 shopping list Fundrasing Genetic Disorders UK - Jeans for Genes

£25 shopping list

  • £25 will pay for one hour of specialist telephone helpline advice for parents caring for a child with a genetic disorder
  • £25 will help pay for an affected child to enjoy an adaptive sports session, where they can build confidence and friendships with others
  • £25 helps pay for a child to spend a weekend away with others like them, supported by medical staff
  • £25 provides invaluable family support sessions led by medical experts who can help parents navigate through their child’s day to day challenges.
  • £225 helps a child make friends, learn, and have fun. Life is often very isolating for children with rare genetic disorders. A weekend away with others affected by the same disorder can transform a child’s confidence and self-esteem and introduce them to lifelong friendships.
  • £525 helps fund specialist equipment. Walking frames, specialist care seats, hoists and buggies allow a child whose mobility is limited by their genetic disorder to participate more actively in family life.
  • £725 helps fund a film for teenagers helping them to understand and take responsibility for their genetic condition.
  • £1,025 helps fund a website, where children affected with genetic disorders can get information and support.

£2,025 helps fund a specialist nurse. Genetic disorders are so rare that families have a very difficult challenge to identify the right medical support for their child. Nurses who are experts in a specific disorder can help families access the right medical care, when they need it most.